large ensemble

From Peace and Meaning

For Large Chamber Ensemble
November 2016
Duration: ~7 minutes

This piece takes its title from the two pieces that inspired its inception: Ornette Coleman’s Peace and Arthur Russell’s Tower of Meaning. I was also studying scores from Gil Evans’ arrangements on the Miles Davis album Birth of the Cool right around this time, so that was definitely an inspiration. The instrumentation is:

French Horn (2)
Tenor Saxophone (2)
Baritone Saxophone
Percussion (Glockenspiel, Triangle, Concert Bass Drum)

This piece has never been performed, and I would absolutely love to have someone play it one day. If you’d like to play it, please contact me. I’d be happy to adapt it for you ensemble if you don’t have these exact forces. I think this piece could work for symphony band or chamber orchestra, so maybe one day I’ll have the opportunity to arrange it.

Ask the Sun Rays

May 2011
For Jazz Ensemble

I wrote this piece at the very end of my undergrad. It’s for a large jazz ensemble. It’s never been performed, and I would love to have it performed one day! If you’re interested in having your ensemble play it, please let me know.

This piece takes its title from a lyric by the rapper Dudley Perkins: “There’s a message in my music / these is the last days / do I need to prove it? / just ask the sun rays” from the Georgia Anne Muldrow track “To the Stage” from her album King’s Ballad.